Living the life!

Hello all!

I was encouraged to start a blog and I decided I would (in my not-so-free-time as a new mommy)!

I’ll highlight my life as a stay-at-home mom and all that it entails! Let’s start by talking about my trip up north this weekend…Drake, my 2.5 month old, requires so much stuff. Let’s see: Pack n play, stroller, 16,000 diapers, 5,000 outfits, burp cloths and bibs- because his favorite hobby is puking, the outfit for my friend’s wedding, bath supplies, blankets, bottles, etc. It was no easy task to pack myself, my husband, our dog, and our kid for a weekend away where the two of us are BOTH in the wedding, but I managed.

Not it’s Tuesday, We got home on Sunday night. Ask me if I’m unpacked. HA. I’ll laugh at you and say “yeah right”. I’m close, but you can only get so much done in 45 minute stretches.

Drake did AMAZING on the trip. My kid HATES his carseat and the car, so I was just a little worried about the 3-hour car ride there and back. He rocked it out! My parents were also invited to the wedding so Drake had his first sleepover. I was so nervous he wouldn’t sleep well for my parents, but he was great. He slept his usual 7-8 hours and was so happy to see mommy again in the morning!

Before I go any further, I want to share with you some tricks to packing a baby, or a kid for that matter.

The first thing I did was pack all of his outfits in ziplock bags. This saved room and kept all of his outfits together so I didn’t have to dig. All were planned out ahead of time and organized with respective parts. Here’s an example:

Notice the FULL pack of diapers. Life-saving.

The next thing I did was pack all of his cleaning items in his very own toiletry bag! I packed wash cloths, soap, etc all in one place so it was not hanging out in the suitcase, getting lost. here’s an idea (not all the way packed up)

I have to show you a picture of what my kid wore- my mom put it together for us. AMAZING

My husband, my son, and I at my friend Aimee’s wedding!!
Overall, amazing weekend that we survived to tell about. Organization was KEY and it made our lives SO much easier!!