I experimented with a way to clean my stove. I thought to myself, well, Baking soda works for everything, so let’s try it!

I sprayed my whole stove with a small amount of “Green Clean”. I then sprinkled about a whole cup of baking soda all over the top of my stove.


I then used a spray bottle with plain water. I soaked the stovetop to make the baking soda turn into a paste. I let it sit for about 10 minutes, sprayed it again and started to scrub. I lightly scrubbed with a washcloth. I wiped off almost all of the baking soda mixture, and left a little for deep scrubbing. I used a magic eraser, with the baking soda still on the stove, and it worked like magic. It disinfected, made it shine, and cleaned away the grub!

Happy stove cleaning.


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