Drake’s Dramatic Entrance- My birth story

On June 29, 2012, I had my final doctor’s appointment before being admitted to be induced that Sunday. Throughout my pregnancy, starting at 26 weeks, my blood pressure was just slightly elevated. I was put on a low-dose medication that worked very well. It worked up until Friday June 29… My appointment was at 8am. Ryan was to leave for MN that afternoon for his sister’s wedding. The first thing that was done at my appointment was by blood pressure. It was through the roof. My doctor came in and said, “How do you feel about having a baby today? You’re going straight to the hospital!”

We swung by home and kissed Macie goodbye. We called parents and sisters. We let everyone know that Ryan would not be at the wedding. My in-laws were already in MN, so we told them to stay. They needed to be up there. We felt just terrible that we couldn’t make the wedding, but this baby was the deciding factor. There was nothing we could have done about it.

We made it to the hospital around 10:30 am. I was immediately admitted, as they were expecting me, and got my IVs (which took MANY tries). I was given a pill in my cervix that was called Misoproxin. It is used to dilate the cervix before Pitocin. I got 2 doses of Miso and by 2 hours into my second dose, I SHOT into labor. It wasn’t a nice, easy progression. I went from 0 to intolerable in 10 minutes. I was in the tub, on the bed, swaying on my knees, bouncing on the ball, and nothing was working. I eventually was leaning on my IV pump, in so much pain. I called for an epidural. I did not want to get one, but I knew that it would help. Epidurals also help lower blood pressure, so I knew I needed one. My doctor checked me and I was only 2 cm. I was so mad that I was getting an epidural at only 2 cm. Later, we will find out why I was in so much pain.

I got the “miracle juice” and was then given a catheter and a balloon. The balloon was placed in my cervix to dilate me even more. It gets you to about 4 and then it is taken out. Luckily, I had a great placed epidural so I did not feel anything. I was then started on Pitocin and, in the middle of the night, my water was broken for me. Dr. Sample was amazing through this. She helped me so much. Who were even more amazing were the nurses. More to come…

At 8 am on Saturday, June 30, I had my parents and sister come up to the hospital. Kate came in to check me. I was at 5. This was almost 24 hours of labor. 5 cm. I was so mad. My doc was then off rotation and her co-worker came in. She said to me “You know, we will probably have to start thinking about a c-section. We can talk about it now, or we can talk about it in a few hours.” I told her I wanted time to talk it over with Ryan. So EVERYONE left the room. I looked up at my tired husband and told him that I did not want to wait any longer to meet my son. Drake needed to be there and I had prepared myself for this moment. A c-section. No big deal. My mom had 2. It would be fine.

They came back in and we told them the deal. I got prepped for surgery, packed up my room, and we were ready. I was given a drink to help with some reflux, since I had not eaten in 12 hours. It was terrible. It made me woozy. Signs of things to come. I was wheeled to the OR. Ryan waited outside as I was prepped. As soon as I started getting wheeled down the hall, I felt odd. Out of it. Bizarre. I closed my eyes and transferred myself onto the table. I was ready. Ryan was then called in to sit by my side. I was told by my 2 awesome anesthesiologists to tell them if I felt nauseous.

Right before Surgery, looking hot.

                10:16 am, Drake Ryan Lamb was born. He was born on the day of his aunt Kelly’s wedding. I saw him over the curtain, all wrinkly and gray. He had hair! And he was crying. So was I. So was Ryan. I told Ryan to go with him. Camera in hand, he took off! I told him I would be fine. I lied. I started coming in and out of consciousness. I would pass out and come to. Then I told them I was getting nauseas. I was in pain too. So much pain. I could feel EVERYTHING. I threw up all over the OR and Ryan was told to immediately leave with Drake. He was sent to recovery before I could see my son. He had to stay there, by himself, with Drake.

Drake Ryan Lamb! 6lb 6oz, 19 3/4” long!

                I could still feel pain. Not pressure, PAIN. They pumped me with so much medication. THANK GOD! I was told that I was going to be put under. I don’t recall  that, or the rest of this. My uterus stopped contracting, as it was supposed to. I started to hemorrhage and the doctor, who was amazing, was manually massaging my uterus to get it to go where it needed to go. I felt EVERYTHING. So then I was put under, which again I don’t remember.  I was intubated and everything.

I woke up after being in the OR for 2.5 hours. That’s a long time for a c-section. The whole time, my parents were sitting in the waiting room, worrying. My husband was sitting with Drake, minutes old, crying, hoping I would live. I did. I was fine, but it took an army. My doctor ended up putting a balloon in my uterus to stop the bleeding. Radiology was on call until I left the hospital, to block the arteries to my uterus. Thank god I didn’t need that surgery. The next step was to then do a complete hysterectomy. I did not need it. I would have died inside.

I woke up in recovery to the nurse stripping off my gown and putting a brand new baby on my chest. I can remember this, but not all of it. I held and kissed my baby for as long as I could. I remember demanding ice chips. My throat hut so bad from the tube. I was exhausted and I needed to see my mom. My mom, dad, and sister were able to come back, one at a time. They were already told what had happened. I was given the low-down by the nurses. My BP was still 200+/180 something. Horrible. Once my BP was more stable, I could go to my room. On Morphine, I had no idea what was going on. I was so tired and so drugged that I did not get to see my baby’s first bath. My sister videotaped it. I was awake, but not coherent enough to participate. This time was such a blur, I can’t remember a lot of it.

Recovery Room. First time I got to hold my baby!

I was bed-ridden with a pee and blood bag for 3 days. On the 4th day in the hospital, they started taking fluid out of the balloon. Little by little, we all held our breath, praying that I didn’t start to bleed. I NEEDED A SHOWER! When all but 50cc were empty from my balloon, I was told I could take a shower. I had friends visiting, but I couldn’t wait! They told me the balloon could fall out when I stood. It did. When I sat on the toilet after my shower, it fell out. We had to have a nurse come to help me stand for 2 minutes to ensure that I was done hemorrhaging. Thank goodness I was. I could walk (hardly) and be free to get out of bed! It was amazing.

In the days to follow, I recovered rather quickly for what my body went through. It was so hard to sit up to nurse him, get out of bed, shower, etc. But I powered through it. I am proud of myself.


There is so much more to the story, but it gets graphic and gross. I’ll spare you. To sum this up, it was a terrifying, hard, amazing journey to get my Drake here. He was NEVER in distress through the whole process, he was a trooper. He is SO worth it and I’d do ALL of it over again. I sit here tearing up, staring at my smiling little boy. I am so lucky. I know it was so hard on everyone around me, and the 6-day hospital stay wasn’t great, but hey- I didn’t have to cook or clean! So that’s my birth story. Scary. Amazing. Worth it.


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